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Welcome to my GI Joe (and other action figure) web site.

In these pages, you will find my childhood toys (I was young enough to get the original Painted Hair GI Joes in the mid-1960's :-) as well as my childhood wants.  All I ever asked my parents for was Matchbox cars and GI Joes.  Get me one of each, and it was a great Christmas (though they somehow managed to do far more than that on my dad's limited income.)

So, come into my toy room and share my memories with me.  I hope they bring back memories for you or inspire you to make new ones!

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Don't forget to check out the Northern Virginia Gi Joe (NoVA Joe) Club.

 Breaking News!!

This section contains new and breaking news!  

 Picture Galleries

This is my virtual art gallery.  These are pictures of my GI Joe, 21st Century, foreign GI Joe, Takara 40th and misc. figures.  I have a fair number of figures in the collection, so it will take some time to get them all up on the web site! Keep checking back as the galleries grow!

 Special Displays

These are special displays I have created.  Take a look and maybe they will give you some ideas for your own displays!

Vintage GI Joe Comic Booklets

GI Joe comics! This is a section I am very proud of.  These are the original GI Joe comics from the Adventures Of and Adventure Team sets.  I am hoping to have all of the vintage comics someday.  Keep checking back - I have a lot of them, but it will take time to scan them and get them in the system.  And of course more time to find the missing ones (unless you can help out with scans of your copies!)

Vintage Christmas Catalog pages

Through the years I have gathered some incredible Christmas catalog pages from Montgomery Wards (or for those of you old enough to remember, Monkey Wards.  My dad even worked for them in the late 1930s in Menands, NY!), JC Penney's, Sears, Eaton's, and more.

Vintage comic book ads

For many years I have collected comic books and GI Joes.  This is a rather interesting intersection of the two hobbies - a gallery of the DC Comics GI Joe ads that appeared in many of DC's comics in the 1960s.

GI Joe and other maker space figures, etc.

When I received my capsule as a child, I did not get the record with it.  My friends had it but I never even got to hear it until a few years ago.  Now, you too can enjoy this record.  Side 1 is an overview of the Mercury program, side 2 is an actual recording from Friendship 7's flight.  You will also find items from my GI Joe Mercury Astronaut sub-collection and space items from other eras and makers as well.

Sgt. Rock and the Combat Happy Joes of Easy Company

This section is devoted to Sgt. Rock figures, stories, and all things Sgt. Rock!

The continuing Adventures of GI Joe

Who says there are no new GI Joe adventures!  Curl up with a cup of Earl Grey and your favorite slippers and dig in for some new GI Joe stories!

Soviet WW II 1:6 Weapons Gallery  

This is a specialized Gallery that displays many of the available 1:6 Russian WW II weapons.  This list includes handguns, rifles, machine guns, mass produced and customized/scratch-built item.

My Favorite Resources

This area contains resources I have used to research and create my figures.  It contains book review, movie reviews, magazine articles, and more.

Custom Projects

This is my customization and kitbashing project section.  Here, you will find expanded coverage of some of my custom items listed under Picture Galleries as well as other custom projects with information on how I created the item.

My Columbia Memorial

Visit my memorial to the brave crew members of Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia.

Famous Faces

This is the gallery of famous people.  These are my figures that represent kitbashes of famous people or movie characters along with the parts list of what I used to create them.  I have also included some of the commercial famous figures I have, such as Jackie Chan, Ike, and George Patton.

Traveling Joe

Yes - the famous Traveling Joe DID make a stop in my humble abode.  Check out some of the things he did the summer of 2001!

GI Joe Museum

This section really contains links - but they are special ones!  They are links (and descriptions) of web sites that document some aspect of GI Joe.  Think of this as a history tour of GI Joe.

My 2002 Norfolk, VA Convention Diorama Entry

This is my entry from the DC convention.  I did not win anything (of course I think I should have - who wouldn't?  Why enter if you don't think you can!  :-)

My subject - a super detailing of the Hasbro M8 (original version) and a diorama base to go with it.

Our 1999 DC Convention Diorama Entry

This was the diorama our Virginia/Maryland (there are several clubs in this area) club put together and entered.  Heh - we took third place!!!!!

Interesting Web Sites

Interesting links for GI Joe, 21st Century, or Action Man collectors.  There are many sites on the Internet - these are what I consider to be DEFINITELY NOT run of the mill.

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