The Adventures of Traveling Joe

Yes, Traveling Joe made a guest appearance in my home!  Here are some pictures I took with him.  At the bottom are some pictures of the items he is dragging along the globe with himself!

Here we see Joe on the Ocean City, MD beach- he is thinking about what wave to catch.

"Man - I have not had a break in a LONG time.  This is my first R-n-R in nearly a month!  Time to crash those waves!"

Traveling Joe even has his surf board greased up, lettered, and ready to go!  But man, there is some LARGE widelife on the beach!

"That has to be the biggest sea gull I have seen in a LONG time.  And he and his buddy DO look hungry!"  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

After surfing, Joe takes a relaxing walk on the beach ..carrying some bread to feed to the hungry birds.

"Good grief ... they look bigger in pictures!  Oh wait - YIKES!!!! - they ARE bigger!!!!   HELLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!  Mutant sea gull attack!"

"Ow!  Ahhh!  Stop that!  Oh!  Erghhhh!!!  EEEECK!!!!  Stop that!  Get away from there!  Heh, I'm NOT that kind of Action Figure!!!!"
After his R and R, Traveling Joe is called overseas to join his comrades in arms in their war against terrorist activities - everywhere!

Here, Traveliing Joe is sent in on the beach in a covert operation to spy and hopefully bring to justice the notorius Arab terrorist - I ma Scum.

Spotted!!!  With bullets whizzing around his head, Traveling Joe dives into a fox hole on the beach and fights his way off the beach into the mountains of his target's homeland!
Traveling Joe assumes an observation spot.  He spots his target!  He takes pictures of his target conversing with his operatives .... then ...
... he LEAPS forward to capture I ma Scum before he can get away!
Joe captures the evil terrorist I ma Scum!

Later, Joe would recall "I was outnumbered 10 to 1 at least!  I got into a mean firefight!  I ma Scum's guys ran!  Can you believe it?  They ran!  So capturing I ma Scum was real easy.  Now he can be brought to justice!"

Here are the pictures of what Travelling Joe has with him.
Here are the items I donated to the cause:
  • Green combat helmet
  • Binoculars
  • Rations (check his pockets for the next person that gets him!)
  • Emergency radio with earphone and cord