Turn on the Christmas tree lights, grab the blanket, stoke up the fire, get a nice cup of egg nog with a dash of nutmeg and don't forget to put Perry Como on the CD player (ok, ok - who has records anymore?) and get ready for a trip down that Christmas Wish Book memory lane!

Most of these catalog pages are of our old friend GI Joe - but some of his partners in childhood fun are included - Best of the West, Stony Smith, Mego Star Trek, Mego Planet of the Apes, and more!

There are over 60 catalogs spread across the 1960s and 1970s.  

Each decade gets its own section so sit back and enjoy them!

I want to thank the folks at WishbookWeb.comIf you have any catalogs they are missing, get in touch with them at jason@wishbookweb.com and ask to donate your catalogs to the common good!

1960s       1970s

If you have any Christmas Books I do not have listed here, please get in contact with me and we can post the images here to round out this collection.  Please email gijoe@ebcutler.com