Famous People

Ford, Harrison in the movie "Indiana Jones" as the character Henry "Indiana" Jones, Jr..

Gable, Clark in World War II recruiting posters.

McQueen, Steve in the movie "The Sand Pebbles" as the character Jake Holman.
McQueen, Steve in the movie "The Great Escape" as the character Capt. Virgil 'The Cooler King' Hilts.
Norris, Chuck in the TV Show "Walker, Texas Ranger" as Ranger Cordell "Cord" Walker.
Quest, Benton in the TV Show "Johnny Quest" as himself.
Russel, Kurt in the movie "Escape From New York" as the character "Snake" Pliskin.
Sinatra, Frank in the movie "Von Ryan's Express" as the character Colonel Joseph L. Ryan.
Skull, Red in the comic book "Captain America" as himself.
Smith, Will in the movie "Men In Black" as the character James Edwards / Agent J (Jay) / "Slick".
Ventura, Jesse in the movie "Predator" as the character Blain.
Wahlberg, Mark in the movie "Three Kings" as the character Troy Barlow.
Yun Fat, Chow in the movie "The Replacement Killers" as the character John Lee.

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Tom Hanks in "Saving Private Ryan"

Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13"

Robert Conrad in "Baa Baa Black Sheep"

Sean Connery in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

Sean Connery in "The Rock"

Sean Connery in "The Longest Day"

Sean Connery in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

Clint Eastwood in "Dirty Harry"

John Wayne in "The Green Berets"

Steven Segal in "The Glimmer Man"

Steven Segal in "Executive Decision"


The Shadow!

Dark Man

Jackie Chan in "First Strike"

Jackie Chan in "My Story"

General Dwight D. Eisenhower

General George S. Patton

General George Washington

General Collin Powell (Dress uniform)

General Collin Powell (Desert Storm Field uniform)

Adolph Hitler (Early 1930s - before rise to power)

Adolph Hitler (1940s)

President George Bush

Sadaam Hussein

Osama Bin Laden

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