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This page contains all of the links that are scattered through out my web site (plus a few more.)

Manufacturers Of Figures

CotsWorld Collectibles: Elite Brigade figures (Cotsworld's own figures), Hasbro reproduction/repair items, etc.

Hasbro GI Joe Web Site: The original GI Joe and now Action Man.

21st Century Toys: The Ultimate Soldier, America's Finest, SWAT/Villains - the figures and outfits just keep coming!

Dragon Models: Perhaps some of the most realistic and articulated figures made today.  World War II, MOdern SWAT/Police/Special Forces, and licensed characters are currently their lineup.

Blue Box Toys: A new lineup of 1:6 action figures, concentrating first on modern SWAT/Special Forces.  Rumour says they will tackle military (WW II, etc.) next.

Lanard Toys: They have made 3 3/4" figures for years.  They are now getting ready to start making 12" figures.  Mostly along the lines of the 3 3/4" figures (futuristic toys), some of their line-up still has potential for the die-hard 12" collector.


Greg Brown's Eklyps Web Site

Other Sellers

Small Blue Planet


KB Toys

Toys R Us