Custom Vehicles

This is my Lanard 4x4 (the yellow one is what this project is about.)

This was the yeallo ATV that I purchased from

It needed a LOT of work - accessories, dashboard, windshield, etc.

Check out my Custom Projects section for more detailed information.

I have always wanted to do an SAS (Special Air Services) WWII British Jeep.  When Hasbro came out with the desert version of their Jeep with twin Vickers machine guns and then when Target cleared them for a song - I had my opening.

This is a highly modified Jeep.  I have added the rear Vickers, radio set (behind driver), Bren gun for the driver, and Boys anti-tank rifle (actually the British tended to use these on the SAS GMC trucks and the .50 cal on the Jeeps - but I figured this would make it a little different :-)

I have added lots of gear (such as an extra spare tire and a home-made sandshield) and made the front look more like the SAS Jeep (removed most of the front grill to provide maximum airflow to the radiator.)  

The figures are scratchbuilt as well.  For more information on the Jeep, please see my Custom Projects section.