September 2003: The Lanard ATK 4x4    

About two years ago, Lanard produced a really nice mini-Hummer in green.  Now, they have re-released the Hummer in Yellow.  However, as the review will detail, the two ARE not the same as far as what is included with them.  However, I have some converted one and have some some graphics available for your use.

Here is a "BEFORE" picture. If you look real close at the dashboard, you will see that the dashboard stickers are missing on the Yellow Hummer.

Also, the Red Fire extinguisher, red gas can, and black bikini bonnet are also not included.

Hard to see in this picture is the fact there is also no "glass" in the windshield!

If you look at the front bumper, you will see thereis a red winch on the front of the green ATK, but not on the Yellow one.
Here is the yellow one after several mods.

1.) I peeled the stickers off of the green ATK, scanned them, and printed them out and glued them onto the dashboard.  Looks a lot better, doesn't it? ;-)
If you get this vehicle and want the dashboard graphics, just email me at and I will send you a Microsoft Word file with the graphics in it, ready for printing (correctly sized).

2.) I added the red fire extinguisher.

3.) I added two gas cans from 2 green ATKs I have (I will replace them with green ones on the green ATKs - that will look better anyway).

4.) I added "glass" into the windshield.  All I did was cuout the clear plastic from an action figure box and use that.

5.) I added AT stickers to the front fenders on the left and right.

6.) I removed the Lanard stickers and added extra weathering.

Here is the front ... you can see the bikini bonnet and the red winch.

I also added a large AT sticker to the hood.

A better picture clearly showing the AT sticker on the hood.

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