This page is a collection of the various prototype figures I have obtained. These are often sold on eBay as
"prototypes" yet what I really  think they are is a production test run. But, either way, they are certainly different.

General Douglas McArthur

The figure on the left is the production version.  Note the
hat is painted, the face is painted, the color of the
uniform, and the length of the pipe stem.

The figure on the right is the "prototype". Note the
hat and face are unpainted, the odd uniform
color, and the uncut pipe stem.

40th Anniversary


This is the army figure.  Note the lack of face paint on all of these.  
The accessories are pretty much the standard army accessories.

Air Force

This is the cancelled Air Force Pilot. Notice the bag at the feet of the figure.
These are the wings and insignia for the uniform.

The yellow jump suit is the one from the Skydive To Danger Figure - it does
NOT have the yellow loops on the uniform.

The GI Joe Collector Club is scheduled to produce this in October 2005.

Closeup of the wings and insignia for the uniform.


This figure came with the entire accessory card!


This was kind of a strange accessoried figure.  It is the Shore Patrol
figure (for the most part) with the tool belt from the Air Force Crash Crew figure.

This is another unproduced Navy 40th set.

Closeup of the figure's head