Johnny Strong

This is a rather interesting piece. I picked this up from a friend during a purchase.

It is made in Hong Kong by FairLandToy.  The item number is 24673.  The back of the card is blank.

The hands have fingers that are molded for dripping - the right hand has a trigger finger.  They wrists move up and down and they swivel.

The head is attached to the body, so it swivels left and right but does not goe up and down.  And yes - as it appears in the picture - the head is flocked.  The detailing on the eyes is also very good on his figure.  There is no scar (so at least it is not a 100% knockoff of the adventure team GI Joe.)

The jump suit is the GI Joe Marine camo pattern.  It is a one piece set.

The boots look very similar to the high black boots for GI joe.  The gun is cheap molded brown plastic (it is an M-1 carbine with a molded plastic sling and a molded on scope.)

The helmet is hard to see - so I do not know if there is a chin strap or not.

From the appearance of the packaging, it looks like there could have been adventurer sets (skier, hunter, karate. motocross driver), the Marine seen here, and a cowboy.