Action Soldier

Ok, can you believe this one?  Action Soldier is a knock-off of ........... a knock-off!  Yes, that's right, the Action Soldier line
is an unbelieveable knock-off of the Mr. Action line.  I mean truly incredible.  The packaging and packe illustrations are VERY
similar to the Mr.Action line.

One thing I noticed is Action Soldier used the same illustration on the front of the card for each uniform set.  Mr. Action used
artwork targeted at the type of uniform (for example, a pilot illustration for the pilot uniform.)

Also, if you check the back of the cards (see a comparison below), the illustrations for each type of outfit are pretty much identical
EXCEPT you can tell that the Action Soldier is a hand-illustrated copy of the Mr. Action illustration.  And the Action Soldier ones are
NOT as nice as the Mr. Action illustrations.  The Mr. Action ones are crisper and have more detail.  Very interesting item.


This is the figure.  From the looks of it, a very poorly made one at that.

The head just swivels back and forth.  The hands also just swivel back and forth (no up down.)

You will also notice the hands are gently cupped (and are underscaled to the figure) - so it basically can hold nothing.

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