Front of the box that holds figure card.  As is the case with most (if not all) of the Japanese blind packaging toys, all the boxes are identical, so you do not know which figure you will get in the box.  In each shipped case, there is ONE special chase figure.

Back of the box showing the SEVEN standard figures.  The chase  figure is NOT shown (there are EIGHT total figures in the series.)

This is the packing case BACK that shows the retailer how to create a display box.

The original retail packing case.  Note that there
are 12 figures in the case.  7 different, 4 repeats
of the seven, and 1 chase.




Air Force



THIS is the chase set!  And an excellent choice
for the set this was!


This is the backing card for each figure!
What an idea - include the original patent for the
original Hasbro GI Joe!

In each card is a mini version of the original Army, Navy,
Marine, or Air Force Manual in a foldout style.

This is the figure's head. Notice he has the scar,
but the facial features are more Japanese.  This
is a reproduction of the original Japanese Takara GI Joe 12" figure's head

This is a warranty card (it appears) that
comes in the individual figure boxes.

This is the back of the warranty card that
comes in the individual boxes.

This is the Basic Soldier accessories.  Note the detailing
on all the pieces.  The tiny ammo box even says "GI Joe".