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LJN/Lily Ledy Personal Helicopter

I love this little piece because it is so different.  It started out made by a company called LJN for the Mr. Action line of knockoff figures.

It is a one-man version of a helicopter - very James Bondish looking.  I will probably never take it out of the box though ... it is just too cool.

Here is an illustration from Lily Ledy - the manufacturer of the Mexican GI Joe.
This is the back of the LJN box. Notice they made three other vehicles you could get for the Mr. Action line (the Sea Sled looks really cool :-)

Supposedly, these were available in the US in a four pack (all four vehicles) that you could get from catalog retailers as the "Mister Action Action Compact Set".  

Notice that the scale is a little bit .......... off.  The ATV especially looks just a tad too small.

Here is a picture of the Mexican version of this helicopter.  Compare the sticker on the tail assembly in this picture with the picture of my boxed sample.  This is pretty much the change that Lily Ledy made to make this into the Mexican version of GI Joe.