July 2001: Steve McQueen from "The Great Escape"

This  figure is inspired by a classic war movie, "The Great Escape".  With 21st Century doing the Steve McQueen and Motorcycle set, I wanted to see if I could make my own.  SOTW (Formative International) has produced several cool looking head sculpts this year that look VERY much like real actors.  In the upcoming months, I will also show you my kitbashed Clark Gable during his WW II US Army Air Force stint, again, using a SOTW head.


Here is Steve McQueen from the movie.  I chose to do the inset picture - him with the leather jacket, ball, and glove.

Here is the figure - sorry about the slightly blurry photos.  The head and body are from a Formative Soldiers of the World figure (they really are making some nice products now!)

The ball and glove are from one of the 1940s SLU figures.

The shirt is the 21st Century Blue Tshirt with the emblem to the back.

The pants, and jacket are from the Hasbro Tuskegee Bomber Pilot.

The boots are SOTW (Formative).

Another view of Steve- showing the pants and boots.
Here is a closeup of Steve's face.  When compared to pictures of him at the time, this is real darn close.

I still (strongly) feel that the likeness of Steve on the 21st bike is NOT a good likeness of Steve when he did "The Great Escape".  I DO however think it is a good likeness of Steve when he did the movie "Sand Pebbles".  I used this same figure to do a Steve McQueen form the Sand Pebbles figure, too.  I will show pictures of that one at some point in the future.

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