May 2000:

This is from the movie "Starship Troopers".  I am one of the few people who actually liked the movie and I really liked the uniforms.  So, tis is my attempt at recreating the Summer Trooper uniform (there were two types of uniforms in the movie:  a summer, short sleeve uniform and a winter long sleeve uniform.)
         This is a full view of the figure.  I started out with a 21st Century toys figure.  The vest is a cut down version of the Hicks vest (you can now get a slightly cut down version of this vest with one of the 2010 GI Joe figures.)  The gun is from the Aliens set (I think they used the Aliens gun in the movie too .. they look VERY close!).  The pants are from the Formative International Soldiers of the World Korean Soldier set (the pants have a very heavy, fluffy look just like the ones in the movie.)  The boots are from a DR X figure (but I have recently realized you can use the Hicks boots.  Those boots have white Kenner Copyright information lettering on them.  You can remove the white lettering with nail polish remover.)  The black gloves are 21st Century Toys.  The helmet is from the Sunny Smile Tank Commander figure.  I added elastic to it and then created the microphone from a shaped brad I painted black (there is a prebuilt hole in the helmet the brad nicely fits into!)  The grenades are just 21st Smoke Grenades with the tops painted red (same look as in the movie.)  The knife is form a Hasbro Anniversary diving set I had.

Closeup of the figure.  The little black pouch on the vest is a 21st first aid pouch painted black.  The pouch on the bottom of the vest (visible in the bottom left of the picture) is a 21st Ammo pouch painted black.
Here is the back of the vest.  Unfortunately, I couldn't cleanly get rid of that handle .. but then I figured .. cool!  A neat thing to have for stowing things - so I figured it was ok to leave it (makes me feel better, anyway.)

You can see the homemade strap for the weapon (like the one in the movie.)

The painted black ammo pouch is attached to the bottom strap of the vest.

I painted the vest and helmet a custom grey color.  The shirt is a 21st Century Ranger T-shirt (you can't see the logo under the vest, so why not.

Closeup of the vest - you can see the added black pouch and the added painted pouch attached to the bottom of the vest.

You can see the smoke grenade with the painted top.  I actually used a Testor's paint pen to do this .. very cool little gizmo.  Worked very nicely.

Closeup of the boots.

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