July 2000: Pirate of the Seven Seas!

This  figure is inspired by a figure I saw on eBay.  I really liked the figure a lot, but couldn't really afford the $70+ it went for!  So, I came up with my own version.  The twist I added is the peg leg (the eBay version had a hand sculpted head but no peg leg.)

This pirate will become the basis for a diorama I have planned.  I want to make a deck scene of a pirate ship in a naval gun fight with another ship.  I have purchased the cannon (a civil war cannon I need to convert to a naval deck cannon) and have built one of the other two pirate figures I want to have.  Stay tuned to this section for upcoming projects in the pirate theme.

         The figure is a 21st Century Sam body with the right leg removed.  The head is the Gung Ho Dress Marine head.  The eye patch is hand made (a piece of leather cut in an oval with a leather strap attached.)  The clothes are from several different Formative soldiers of the world figures. The jacket is form their George Washington as is the shirt, the vest is from their Benjamin Franklin, the pants are cut up Formative George Washington pants.  The sock and shoe are from their George Washington set.

The hat is from the George Washington set (I think - it may be from a different George washington set.)

The pistol and spy glass are from the Hasbro George Washington set.  The sword is from the Formative George Washington figure.

The peg-leg is a rather cool item.  First, I removed the right leg at the knee.  Then, I got a wooden flower pot (scale miniature) from MJ Designs.  I then got a scale miniature baseball bat from MJ designs.  I cut the baseball bat to size and glued it to the flower pot.  The flower pot fits perfectly over the leg stump (actually a little snug, so it won't come off.)

After staining the flower pot/bat glued combo, I wrapped the flower pot and part of the baseball bat in black leather cord.

Here  is a closeup of our pirate friend.  A rather foreboding person, eh?
Closeup of the face.  You can see the eye patch I created.  The gold earring is a 6mm jewlery ring, found in packages of about 40 or so in the MJ Design jewlery section.

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