January 2000: Indiana Jones

I always wanted to have an Indiana Jones figure so I decided to make my own.  Unfortunately, a lot of the items do not exist.  So, I made them!  Please take a look below and I will diagram out how I made the different pieces or customized the existing pieces.

Smoke Jumper - Picture 1          The figure is a 21st Century Toys SAM body with a 1996 Star Wars Hans Solo head on it.

The shoes are Korean USAAF pilot.  The socks are 21st Century colored with a magic marker.  

All the other items are described under the pictures below.

The hat is handmade.  I purchased a $1.00 cowboy brown felt hat at Michaels Crafts store and cut it down to the dimensions of a fedora.  I squeezed the hat to give it the pinched look of a real fedora (I must have watched the Indiana Jones movies a hundred times to get everything as close to authentic as I could!).  The real leather strap is from a leather goods set I got at Michaels Craft store.

The whip is handmade.  I got a brown leather strap at Michaels.  I got very thin black leather cord at Michaels and wound it around the bottom of the whip to make the handle.  I then used black magic marker at the bottom end by the black cord to make it look uniform.  I glued the black cord to the brown strap using Fabri-Tac (available from Cotsworld.)

Smoke Jumper - Picture 2
Smoke Jumper - Picture 3 Here is a closeup of the  hat.  You can clearly see the leather strap I cut and glued to the hat using Fabri-Tac (available at Cotsworld.)
Another closeup of Indy's face and the fedora.  You can see the pinch marks I put into the hat to make it look more like a fedora. Smoke Jumper - Picture 4
Smoke Jumper - Picture 5 The shirt is from the Tuskeegee Bomber pilot.  I removed the wings from the shirt.  The remaining tiny holes are hidden nicely by the leather jacket.

The leather jacket is from the Tuskeegee bomber pilot with the patch removed (water does nicely along with a dull finger nail.)

The pants with belt are form the Kenner Universal Monsters Wolfman set.  The holster belt is from one of the SLU Cooperstown baseball figures.  The holster is a heavily modified holster from the USAAF Korean Pilot figure.  I cut the holster into the shape I wanted (much smaller with different curves than the original) and then I used Fabri-Tac to glue the holster together.

The treasure is one of the Mummy Urns from one of the Mummy movie toy sets.

Smoke Jumper - Picture 6
Smoke Jumper - Picture 6 The pistol is a vintage Hasbro Lebel revolver (looks pretty close to the one he really used.)  The holster was cut to fit this pistol.
This is a side view showing the satchel Indy takes with him on all of his adventures.  The satchel is from the Formative Soldiers of the World General Lee figure.  Inside the satchel are some goodies including a souvenier German Luger from Indy's trip to Berlin (from the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.) Smoke Jumper - Picture 6
Smoke Jumper - Picture 6 Here is a close-up of the whip detail.  You can see the thin black leather cord wrapped around the brown leather cord.
Ok, Ok ... maybe this IS a bit too far.  But what the heck.  This is a scale grail diary (just like the one Indy and his father used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.)  If you open up the book, it even has drawings Indy's father drew plus many of his notes. I got the color of the book by watching the movie, I got the contents from different locations on the Internet that had repro diaries (full size) depicted.  Smoke Jumper - Picture 6
Smoke Jumper - Picture 6 Here is Indy, looking off into the distance - ready to start his next adventure!  (Actually, now that I think about it, I think he is looking at the GI Joe Nurse sitting on the shelf next to him!!!!!)

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